Steinberg Download Assistant not working on my Mac

Yes, the fix did solve it.
However I just need to say, that this problem should absolutely not be there, unless Steinberg was a completely lowly amateur one-guy-is-the-whole-company deal.
It is gravely infuriating to spend hours on such a problem, and I am mind-blown that Steinberg thinks that this is ok. How about Steinberg did some programming that could make it possible to install their software EVEN if you had some weird font in your system?

You must not ever use publishing apps… Font issues have been ongoing since the dawn of time, welcome to your first one.

Go tell Adobe they need to redesign Photoshop or Illustrator to accommodate for a users corrupted fonts that can bring those apps down too.

It’s not their job to verify every random third party font file you installed was made to spec or even works properly. If some dev codes a crappy VST plugin that crashes DAW’s left and right is that Steinberg’s fault too?

maybe I’m not compressing the file correctly but this hasn’t worked as a fix for me. I open the finder app, shift+command+G then search library/fonts/ double click on the only file that appears then click the compress prompt. Any help?

Thank you. Fixed my problem. I opened font book, typed in the “restore” in the help bar and the option came up. clicked it, fixed.

Thank you for the feedback.
We have a help center article on this issue for those interested:
macOS: Steinberg Download Assistant does not start or shows a spinning wheel – Steinberg Support