Steinberg Download Assistant on Parallels Desktop on MacBook Pro M1 MAX

Dear users and developers,

Does Steinberg Download Assistant not correctly work on Parallels Desktop on MacBook Pro M1 MAX?

Due to the limitation of Korean Lyric input on macOS, I am trying to install Dorico 4 on Parallels Desktop on MacBook Pro M1 MAX, but it is prolonged, so I cannot judge if it works or is frozen. Does anyone have the same experiences?

It is not frozen and works very slowly. If Dorico works so slowly as this, one cannot use Dorico on virtual machine…

You are trying to run a virtual machine on a Apple silicon architecture, loading Windows for ARM Cpu and then emulating Intel processors.
I would not expect any usable performance from such a layered operating system, this is not the problem of Dorico.


Yes, the performance on a virtual machine is not the problem of Steinberg Downloader Assistant and Steinberg Activation Manager and Dorico. However, I am trying it due to the Korean lyric input issue of Dorico under macOS.
Fortunately, the performance of Dorico itself is not extremely slow. The workflow of Korean lyric input is slightly better when using Dorico on a virtual machine under macOS.

I understand what you are trying to do, it is just the wrong environment in this case.

A virtual machine, with this amount of layers, is simply a nice tool for testing and office tools, not for serious work with a product like Dorico

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