Steinberg Download Assistant says Groove Agent 5

I open up Steinberg Download Assistant today it shows Groove Agent 5
so Im currently downloading it but a little afraid of installing it

its out ! now

Just bought it and also downloading through this DLM. But its downloading all files separately. And one download opens in my browser as a kind of script. Why please all so complicated Steinberg?? I just payed nearly 100€ which most until now found way to expensive and than you are not delivering the product in a way which makes no headaches :-/


This script allows chaining the installation of a dmg installer source with registration of content from the same directory

****Configure the product here: ****

The filename of the file to be opened after mounting the image

INSTALLERFILE=“Groove Agent 5.pkg”

The downloaded dmg imagefile to be mounted


The name of the mounted volume

VOLUMENAME=“Groove Agent 5”

#change workingdir to script file location.
BASEDIR=$(dirname “$0”)
echo “Setting workingdir to: $BASEDIR”

#make sure to unmount volume in case it is mounted
if [ -d “/Volumes/$VOLUMENAME” ]; then
diskutil unmount “/Volumes/$VOLUMENAME”


hdiutil attach “./$IMAGEFILENAME”

if [ -d “/Volumes/$VOLUMENAME” ]; then

echo “Checking if Steinberg Library Manager is installed:”
SLM="/Applications/Steinberg Library"
if [ -d “$SLM” ]; then
echo “Found Steinberg Library Manager”
echo “Default source is:” “$DEFAULT_SRC”
if [[ -d “$DEFAULT_SRC” ]]; then
echo “Starting $DEFAULT_SRC”
open -Wa “$SLM” --args
echo “ERROR: Steinberg Library Manager not found because it is most likely not installed”
exit 1
echo “"
echo "
Done! You can exit terminal now or pres cmd + q to quit. "
echo "

exit 0

Ok, I just dropped now all .vstsound files downloaded to the default folder. But this is an unprofessional delivering of software through Steinberg. BTW the link in the online manual “” just leads to the main page. Come on Steinberg please sort those things so a proper install is possible and not relying on the knowledge on how to sort things by hand.

Hi. I recently bought a GR 4. 100 euros for an update for me is expensive.
I am willing to pay for the upgrade $ 30- $ 40.
New purchased product must be updated free or not expensive.
I like GR4, but not very stable.

You can also just doubleclick a vstsound file and it opens in the library manager.
From there you can move wherever you like.

Script you listed above does the same. Start installer, then library manager when finished.

Great, it works perfectly for me. It would also be very handy for all libraries of all Steinberg VSTs to be handled this way, especially the Cubase VST Sounds folder that I would like to be able to move with as much ease. The current procedure is very laborious because I had to do this files by files by creating shortcuts. Congratulations on this advance.