Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) won't connect

Stupid question, I know but I can’t seem to download any free trial software as the SDA keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet.

Thought I’d try Dorico as a possible Sib convertor but definitely not heading that way at the moment…

Not getting any replies from Steinberg directly either. humph.


Yes @Deby , it looks like after the new Steinberg sites also SDA has a cumbersome way to run…

Welcome to the forum, @Deby. You can download Dorico 3.5 directly from our web site here. Let me know if you have any problems getting hold of the activation code.

Thank you for the link.

I’ve managed to download and access the software but can only find a 20-character Soft-eLicenser and not the 32 character licence that it requires. Why might I find this?

Many thanks.

IIRC the 20-digit “Download Access Code” plugs into the SDA to generate a 32-character license code.

I used to have this problem on Windows if the system was configured to use a proxy server.

Ah ok. Thank you for your help Derrek.

It’s the SDA that was the initial problem and keeps telling me I’m not connected to the internet despite doing things online at the same time. I’d assumed it didn’t download correctly but tried removing and downloading it a few times and it still says the same thing. Maybe Dorico’s not for me - it shouldn’t be this difficult…

@Deby, if you don’t yet have the activation code you need to activate your Dorico trial, which you should have received by email when you initiated the trial download process, let me know, and I can send one to you via private message.

Just to comment about SDA issues: I had problems with Windows and Firefox. Resolved yesterday with Edge. I noticed as well today some new updates and a new eLC version

When I went to check out what I said in my former post, I had to go through the process of relogging into Steinberg to update my account to the new system and download an updated SDA.

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The only emails I’ve been receiving are about projects that I could be doing. I haven’t found any email with an activation code on.