Steinberg Download Assistant - setting drive for installation

Hi All,

I cannot find a way to set different drive and folder for Steinberg software installation via Download Assistant. Can somebody give me a hint? I will lack C drive space shortly so I want to switch to another one for the rest of plugins.

Thanks in advance!


Settings/ download directory

Thank you for the reply. However, what I need is to install the plugins on a different drive. The shown settings only let you download the files to different directory and then install them on C drive.

Is there anything that can be done about it?

You can download the files from the website instead, and manually install. Lookup Steinberg Cubase Downloads online

Thanks a lot for a hint!

You have to use Steinberg Libary Manager to move the samples to your new path, there is no way to change the installation path when you download and install at the beginning when using Download Assistant