Steinberg download assistant still not working

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I’ve read the announcement that a new download assistant has to be downloaded and installed. I did just that and I’m still getting a connection error. Is there a fix for this? I’m using windows 11. If there’s any more information thats needed, I’ll be happy to provide it.

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try this link

I keep getting this error…

This is one of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever used. Connections errors, doesn’t show all the products I’ve bought, wants to update every time I try to use it. I avoid it like the lurgi.

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I think the software is not the problem. However, there’s a lot more bureaucratic red tape to go through than other DAWs with a single auth scheme.

Still, they’re always updating/upgrading, etc., so I get it.

COuld this also be the reason I am failing to buy 13 pro?, I cant see find where to buy in the download assistant

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Purchase from the Steinberg site. You can download it from there, too. (Support/Downloads).

There’s an issue with the auto update of your Download Assistant. You’ll have to manually download this version from Steinberg to solve the issue:

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Sadly this still didn’t work for me.

Maybe can you explain to me step by step.? When I open the support am going up to downloads, software and to Cubase 13, when I click the Cubase I am prompted to download, and I have downloaded but it can’t open because it needs activation/licencing. I have the download assistant but I don’t see the option to pay. I have tried several times over the days

What JuergenP said.
(I was assuming you’d already bought it.)

When you buy Cubase Cubase: Music Production Software - DAW | Steinberg you will get a long code (Download Access Code)
Open Steinberg Download Assistant and click on top left to fill the Download Access Code.
Click on (My products) you will see Cubase 13, click on it and in the right side you will be able to install all of it.
Open Steinberg Activation Manager and you will be prompted to connect to your My Steinberg. .
Click on Activate right to the products you want to activate.

Sorry once again, where is the buy button here? I assume the attached is the main page

Which is the buy button here?

Follow this link,

then click the big red button…

Choose your version,

Pay your money

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Now that there is no buy button on my Steinberg page, is there anyway I can buy Cubase 13?

I don’t know in what country you are located, but if there is no Buy button you probably need to contact a local distributor. Try this list

Open the drop down in the grey box to look for a country.

Sorry, I can’t answer that, this is a user forum. You need to send a request to support for this.

About 80% of the times I download an update or a product, the Download manager stops around 99% of the download and freezes.
Then I have to force shut it down, win 10 64b, and on reopening the software I get the no connection pop up error.