[Steinberg Download Assistant] Viewing only the products I have a license for?

as the title says. I’d like to download Cubase to my bands pc without internet so I figured I have to use the steinberg download assistant. i can even log in to the download assistant with my mysteinberg account. but I still see an overwhelming list of software I can download.

can I somehow filter for the software I actually allowed to use? since the download assistant is linked with the mysteinberg account it should be easy to read out for the program, right?

Hello David:

welcome to the forum and welcome to the list of persons who would love to have this setting in the Download Assistant.

The issue I see with that is that the database on the MySteinberg site doesn’t work properly… it still shows me licenses on my USB and soft eLicenser which I sold years ago. So, even if it would be connected to MySteinberg, the Download Assistant would show your software you don’t even own.

Maybe it would be possible with the new system Steinberg is working on now.

Thank you for your response and help.