Steinberg Download Assistant. Way to start the download only (without the installation)

Is it possible to only download, say, all Cubase 12 files (using the SDA)? Thank you.
All the buttons are labeled “install”…


Disable the Install Assistant. It’s an application. On Windows it’s in the Program dir, I’m guessing it’s in the Application folder on Mac.

Obviously this isn’t recommended by Steinberg

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The application file of the Steinberg install assistant is located here:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Install Assistant/

«How I found the above location»

How I found it
I searched for “Steinberg Install Assistant” and found:

I’ve terminated the impostor (deleted the Steinberg Install Assistant application file). Now, everytime Steinberg Download Assistant starts, I will just have to reject the update (so that the update doesn’t bring the install assistant back).

«Rejecting the update»

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Yup. Same as on Windows

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+1 for the option to be able to download only.

I don’t want to have to download every time to install on multiple machines … let us download, and then use the same downloaded files as required. That’s the way it used to be. I’m OK with “Install” being the default, but why was the earlier option to only download removed? Makes no sense to me.

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If a program has fewer functions, it’s easier to improve/mantain (both for mac and windows). Maybe this is why…

This is not an argument, because the downloaded files are not automatically deleted after the instalation completes (so you can reuse them). An argument would be if you were time limited and wanted to download the files, say, today and install them tomorrow (or when you’ll have enough space on your storage device).

Just go to steinberg download page in support and download

All you get there is the SDA.

Program installers are there too

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Ah OK … I stand corrected. Hadn’t seen those before.

It has actually been improved over the past year or so, more installers are there.

That would be the “official” way of downloading app installers without the auto-install.

The Steinberg folk have said a few times that the SDA is a work in progress.

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