Steinberg Download Assistant - what does it show


Confused: Does Steinberg Download Assistant show current version installed or newest version downloadable?
EXPECTATION - Download Assistant should indicate if any of my Steinberg software needs to be updated.

It doesn’t know the version you have or what you should be downloading for your licence. I tend to use direct downloads. It would be great if it did check your licences. I have toontrack download manager and I just open that and it either says everything is up to date or highlights the updates. That is what I would expect from the Stienberg download manager but nope.

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“what does it show” It shows all the Steinberg stuff you can buy.
I too, have Toontrack Product Manager which tells the user which products are installed and which of these products have updates, as does Native Access, and many other download managers. As it is, SDA is little more than an advertising/promotion app.

There are no ads, no promos, only downloads. You can probably find true bad things to say about it, but that is not one of them.

Thanks mkok - that’s what I would expect as well.

Steinberg - Seems like a logical and useful expectation - can it be done?

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