Steinberg Download Assistant

Hi there,

I want to try Cubase 9.5AI when I bought a pack . I downloaded the download assistant to download cubase but during the opening process it tells me that I don’t have internet connection and force me to quit the application

I like to point at that I tried to disable my firewalls and other stuffs and that my internet connection is ok, reinstall Windows, but the problem did not disappear. Help me pls

Make sure that your Operating System is fully updated.

All the latest Windows updates, as well as for system programs installed

Hi there!
I have the same problem and can’t decide it for one week.

Where is the technical support answer …

Log into your MySteinberg account to contact support:

Are you solved the problem?

Waiting for the support answer

I have an activation code to activate Cubase AI 9.5, which was in bundle with yamaha thr-5. The steiberg download assistant tells that I haven’t Internet connection
Disabled all firewalls and AV

I have same issue. Problem is i’m from Russia and due to latest wave of blocking all the possible Telegram servers, lots of other servers are not available as well. Problem solved for me after using some free proxy to connect to internet.

Thanks for sharing this information.

It seems there are other users with similar problems. Maybe you could also share which proxy server you configured in your system, and how you did it…?

I used VPN settings from and added their network / network settings / VPN / After connecting to the server everything worked (from Russia).

tell me how to do it…please

Download “TouchVPN” from Microsoft Store. With him works.