Steinberg Download Assistant

Is it necessary to keep the downloaded files in Steinberg Download Assistant after running the related install?

For example: using Download Assistant I downloaded “The Grand 3 - 3.2.0”. Then I clicked Open to run the install. After the installation completed I have files in C:\Users\john\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\2. The Grand 3 - 3.2.0. My question is: can I go ahead and delete C:\Users\john\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\2. The Grand 3 - 3.2.0?

Same question for C:\Users\john\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\3. Content The Grand 3

you can delete them i always do after making sure the install went fine

My dissenting view is to save everything. HD space is dirt cheap and you never know when something ancient will prove useful. And if you are saving downloads to an SSD - stop doing that.