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I couldn’t find a part of the forum where something related to the download assistant should be posted…this was the closest.

ONE small change to the download assistant that would make it far more useful, would be for the application to show the version installed along with the available updates. It’s barely more useful that going to the website without being able to tell you which version you currently have installed.

Please consider it!

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When I run my downloaded version of the SDA (which, BTW I hate) it offers me the option to update it with the latest content.

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I’m downloading Iconica Ensembles Trial Version now on Steinberg download Assistant. On the Steinberg Download Assistant, it is reported that the total size of the Iconica Ensembles is 50.24 GB. Steinberg Download Assistant is downloading this file to my computer in Download>Steinberg>Iconica Ensembles. No problem so far. :slight_smile: But downloading is a long process. While the download process is still running, although the 38 GB of this file appears to have been downloaded in my computer, the Steinberg Download Assistant seems to have downloaded 18 GB of this file. Why is this problem caused?


I am also having huge problems in trying to download the Iconica Emsemble trial package - it has been going for three days now, but keeps failing every 5 minutes or so, and only a few GB gets downloaded - then, when restarting download, the total amount downloaded is LESS than before!!. Surely there must be an easier way to access this test program? what is the use of a trial, if I cannot even load it??

I have the same experience. But in my case it helps to not pause download. I tried it on 3 PCs and only on one computer it ends with fails durring download. On other two, I lost lot of downloaded data after pausing download. So it seems that its kind of related with PC config. Win 7 and win 10 was tested with same result. At the end, I download that strings in one whole day session (yes, I have slow connection) and it works.
I would realy apreciate possibility to buy this sound pack physicaly with some memory medium.

Also see

Not this one here

Sorry if this is an stupid question, but it’s been driving me crazy.
While going through the Steinberg Download Assistant, I’m seeing a lot of software listed that I don’t remember buying. I don’t see any indicators to identify which licenses I have. All options are showing Download buttons but I haven’t tried tinkering with these since I don’t want to download and install something which then might refuse to work without additional licenses. Did I somehow gain a copy of each of these programs without knowing it (programs such as Dorico, Nuendo, and WaveLab)? If not, is there a way for me to filter out the inaccessible options or simply identify which ones I can use? I’ve tried looking it up, but I can’t find any info on this.

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Hi, ive just discovered the SDA yesterday, when i realised that i was using an old version of retrolouge in my Cubase 10 pro. So ive got Retrolouge 2 working, but what other libraries/synths/FX am i entitled to? At the moment im downloading Halion 6, but i have a sneaky suspicion that i would have to pay for that. Maybe i could download version 3 for free having paid for Cubase 10.

I went through the manual last night, but no info there.

Many thanks

+1+1+1 to infinity. Why this is not implemented already is beyond me. You should be able to see what’s installed and not installed, what upgrades are available and whether they are upgrades, The ability to hide the stuff you have not purchased(or put these in a separate window), and free icecream for everyone. :sunglasses:

+1 to that! It really would be helpful if Download Assistant somehow highlighted the products that I own (as per licenses authorized in Elicenser Control Center), which of those products are currently installed on my machine, and their version numbers. It would also be helpful to see the release date of each item in the details pane on the right side of the Download Assistant window (in addition to the version number that is already displayed there.


The Download Assistant has never worked on either of my two Macs, one running Mojave; the other Catalina. It tries to run but crashes. I’ve download the latest version way too many times to no avail.

Support told me it was a Java issue but I have the latest JREs on both machines —as I did two years ago when this issue first surfaced. Other apps using Java have no issues.

This isn’t a problem with Dorico since that can be downloaded directly but I have licenses for VIs that I cannot download. This is beyond frustrating.

I’ve contacted Support again. Hopefully, they can send me a direct link. This is ridiculous.


This is "assistant has never assisted in any way whatsoever. It really has no clue about my system (essesntials like paths and directories), it has no clue what I’ve licensed and am entitled to download (and better yet hide what I can not download). This is shameful software. Please consult Native-instruments, Arturia or Izotope how this should be done.

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I will join the author of the topic. A very popular function would be to display installed versions of programs, add-ons and content in the update page.

I find it bizarre that I originally posted this in Sep 2019 and here we are in Mar 2021 and very little has changed! The download assistant does not give me any indication of which version I have installed (unless I am missing), or a visual clue of what I have purchased.

Is there an easier way to determine if I need to download an update other than loading the software, looking for a version number, and then looking at the SDA to see if I have the latest version? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why does it even require you to log into your account, if it’s not going to use that information? Steinberg, please take a look around you, at the other Pro music studio software developers…these features have been in place for years before my original post in 2019!