Steinberg email re reduced price on VSL Sycnchronized Special Edition

Steinberg has sent an email to Dorico users advising of a reduced price on VSL Synchronized Special Editions and giving a promo code. I have visited the VSL site and see that Synchronized Special Editions are offered on sale to everybody but see no extra reductions for Dorico users or place to enter the promo code referred to in Steinberg’s email. Does anybody know whether Dorico users qualify for any cost-reductions in addtion to those offered to the general public?

Put the library of your choice in the basket. Then go to the basket. There you will find the place to enter the code in ‘promotional/voucher code’. Then click on ‘calculate basket’ to see the reduced price.

Don’t forget they still have the Voucher deal too where you get 4 €100 vouchers for the price of 3. If you’re buying a few of the Synchon-ized SE’s you can effectively save an additional 25% off applying that voucher deal too. If you are a teacher or student you can qualify for 25% off everything by verifying your “EDU Status” as well. Looking at my account it looks like once verified you stay verified for 6 months. The Steinberg promotion seems like it’s €80.00 off so these are a pretty great deal if you stack the discounts.

So, I’m a Dorico user (I bought 2 weeks ago Dorico 3.5) and haven’t receive any email yet about this offer. How could I get into the same boat?

Welcome to the forum, @Arionas1. It may be that you will receive the email tomorrow; normally our email system trickles out these kinds of marketing emails over 24–48 hours, depending on when it thinks each recipient is most likely to open it. You also must be opted in to receive marketing communications from Steinberg, of course.

OOww that was so fast! Thank you! I haven’t stop to watch your videos one by one every day the last 2 weeks. :grinning:
Excuse me but as you are here now and in order to not create a new thread for a little question:
My Dorico 3.5 shows as audio engine:
Is this right or there is some wrong installation? Wouldn’t be normally to show audio engine 3.5?

That is indeed the correct audio engine version number, so nothing to worry about there.

Thank you! Also, just received the promo email :slight_smile:

This helps, thank you.

Will the reduction count for each package one buys, or only one time for one package?
What about the Bundle (9 Packages = 9 x reduction?)

I’m sorry to say that I don’t know the precise terms and conditions of how the discount might apply to a multiple purchase. Please contact VSL to ask them.