Steinberg, 'External FX' is - unreasonably - dysfunctional and uninspiring

+1000000 we need this asap!

The way the external FXs are handled right now is so frustrating… We need at least to be able to remove exclusive mode.
But a flexible external I/O plugin would be even better.

Massive +1.

The whole Audio Connections setup needs an overhaul IMO.

What I’d really like to see is full blow ASIO Device Presets! Let me configure my whole I/O set up in a click - IO/busses, control room, EFX - anything that accesses my ASIO device - this SHOULD be made into presets;

  • Multiple ASIO interfaces that need to be changed between
  • Different IO setups on the same devices - Tracking/Mixing/Overdubs/Mastering etc etc
  • No breaking workflow where different projects need specific setups - this all being Global today is a killer

I could go on and on about this!


Side Bar: Interesting to read that someone is using EXT EFX without any latency? My roundtrip in the DAW is 11 ms (48kHz @ 256), and my EXT EFX roundtrip to analog comps, limiter, EQs, and preamps is 18.43 ms. This is using a Mackie 1640i 16X16 Firewire interface.

I will add that recently I picked up a Motu M4 and it’s roundtrip inside the DAW is also 11 ms (48kHz @256). However… it’s latency when pinging the EXT EFX is 0 (Zero). And in fact I’m dealing with Motu for an explanation right now via a support ticket but nothing yet.

So, QUESTION: Are any of you posting here actually experiencing 0 (Zero) latency when using EXT EFX (that doesn’t exist in your DAW) or is this just an expression? If so, would you please tell me what your interface is, please, as I would like to refer this to Motu as they try to answer my concerns. Right now they are as puzzled as I am.

I have the neve 2464’s output patched into a 1073DPX insert return, but its input is connected to a separate output of an Apollo. This way I would have the option to use the 1073’s output level knob as an output fader for the comp. It would be nice if I could set up 2 external effects with different sends but with the same return in Cubase. One for the 1073 and one for the 2264.

Pleaseee make this happen!! Using a patchbay setup with cubase is a nightmare!!