Steinberg Festive Countdown 2017

After being notified of the “Festive Countdown 2017” via a Steinberg email yesterday, I clicked the link to find a virtual Advent Calender. Since it was December 1st (UK) I clicked on “01” to be told:

“Unfortunately, you’re a little early. Please come back later.”

Ok - must be a time difference thing - I’ll try again tomorrow. So this morning I tried again, and was told:

“Hmm - Unfortunately, you’re a little late. The door can no longer be opened.”

Ok - so I then tried clicking on “02” (since it is now December 2nd in the UK) to receive:

“Unfortunately, you’re a little early. Please come back later.”

So I guess I’m out of luck - has anyone else had more success than me?

Works for me (also in the UK). FWIW, yesterday I got an entry into a draw for a hat (or something) and today 30% of Halion 6. :slight_smile:

For me it was the other way, got the annnouncement per mail today - but it is already the 2nd of December, so I did not have any Chance yesterday.

what was it ?

what present was for the 1st of december?

The same with me - got the mail invitation for the festive countdown today, 2nd december… A little bit strange, perhaps your website for the festive calendar is bad programmed (many thousend scipts, java and other not really necessary stuff is used - hey, give the job to a programmer who can do it the easy way, thats mostly the better way!). And yes, I would also like to know what was for the 1st…???

Please give us the deal :slight_smile:

the Dec 2, halion 6 30%off, can be applied for halion upgrades too?

This is a shop coupon, right? You can just add the upgrade to cart and see if the coupon works.

Alas, I did not get the email. I totally would have upgraded my halion. Does anyone have a link? I’m in the US and didn’t show up when I went to the homepage

I dont see a coupon, its just shows “save now” button option on the page,and it adds the full halion 6 version to shopping cart. Or do i miss something here? Not sure

Guess that’s only for the full version then, not upgrades.

This offer is unavailable for american customers.

Yep,seems like full version purchase only! only 22 more days to check then))

Great to receive an email from Steinberg offering deals and when you click, you’re prompted with a message that those deals are not available to you!! Marketing-wise, I’ve seen better… :frowning:

Rechecked the email and nowhere does it say it’s available only to European customers…


Login to your MySteinberg and check the festive countdown page again.

Worked, thx!!

for the festive countdown 2017 now i tried to purchase upgrade from nuendo 7 but there is no one 30% discount as promised …how solve this problem? please respond to me.thanks in advance