Steinberg Festive Countdown: Cubase Pro?


I am late to the calendar. :frowning: Has anyone here got a list of all the deals so far?

Most important question: Has a Cubase Pro (full) deal been on the calendar?

Best regards :slight_smile:

…definitely a chance to win a copy but I don’t think there’s been a deal so far.

@planarchist: Thank you! That’s good news. I will keep watching the remaining days. Hoping they offer a discount on Cubase Pro too.

No discounted update offer from previous versions to 9.5 Cubase Pro yet, I’m very much disappointed.
Happy holidays/Merry Christmas (I prefer the latter) for everyone anyway!

There’s still a chance tomorrow :slight_smile:
Cubase and Nuendo haven’t seen a discount yet.

so today nuendo it is, but i can’t see a price difference to the other 364 days…

It’s sad and a bit strange that nobody at Steinberg thought Cubase needed a Christmas sale. Oh well. :frowning:

Same price as always shown here… Hmmm?

Same problem as well: want to upgrade from Nuendo 7 via the link sent by Steinberg, price stays the same…
Will there be a fix Steinberg?


However, the season is not over yet, maybe they will send the offer in separate email.

If you are looking for a DAW for an example Tracktion Waveform is now in 50% offer :smiley: :astonished:

Tracktion? hahahahaha

Though I can’t say it won’t happen as I have no inside knowledge I would be amazed if Steinberg put Cubase 9.5 on sale so soon after its release.