Steinberg FTP

I’m new here though I use Cubase for years.
I’m reinstalling my MBPro.
My C5 CD version tells me that I need 10.5 at least to run the program.
Probably not compatible with 10.11.6 (or even .3) then
Where can I download the C5.5.3 complete version.
I haven’t found it on the steinberg FTP.
THX for your help.

5.5 wont work on your new OS either. Modern versions of Cubase have improved audio and MIDI editing and handling, along with faster, smoother workflow compared to Cubase 5 (once you get used to it of course), so it’s worth it to upgrade to 8.5 if you have the money.

The Pro 8.5 license will also give you access to all previous Cubase versions in case your Mac is too old to handle 8.5.

5.5 do work. There’s just an installing issue. I got my apps back from time machine and it’s ok now.
As no one at work will pay for the update and as I don’t use any longer Cubase for my personal music, I’ll stay with the 8AI version :slight_smile:
Thanks for answering anyway.