Steinberg FW Driver keeps shutting down

System Info:
Windows 8 (not 8.1)
Intel i5-3230 processor
8GB Ram
64 bit

MR816x info:
Driver is version 1.6.5
Firmware Boot 1.00
Firmware Main 1.10
IEEE1394 1.02

Ok…Problem is that my driver keeps cutting out intermittently. All of a sudden I loose communication with my interface and when I try to open my driver control panel, I get the dreaded "“failed to open” box. I then go to Windows Control Panel Device Manager and the three Steinberg controllers are not listed under the Sound, Video and Game Controllers where they should be.

I cannot seem to find any reason why the driver just shuts down on it’s own. It seems to do this when the computer is sitting idle. Hasn’t shut down when I am recording yet but I just installed this yesterday and I haven’t had the chance to us this much. Any ideas?

Thanks guys

After more research, it appears that any time that my computer stops talking to my interface then the driver shuts down and will not start again unless I re-boot. Example - Let’s say that I am finished laying down a track…I then shut down my interface, which kills the driver. I cannot start the driver again unless I re-boot.

Hello…anyone? Does anyone from Steinberg provide support as there is no phone support and they won’t respond to emails.