Steinberg HALion partner program

Hi Guys forgive me if I sound a little dumb here, but if I create instruments in HALion 6 for distribution for free or profit do I need a Proprietary Steinberg VST 3" license. Many thanks.

You don’t need an elicenser license to create and share your own creations.

Where was talk about elicenser ?

Lol You get me don’t you @folkfreak what I saying @Chris.StAubyn is once I have compiled and packaged my Instrument ready to distribute for free or for-profit to other musicians to use in their Halion 3 or SE. Would I require a Proprietary Steinberg VST 3" license in order to do so as a 3rd party provider of instruments…The license would be between me and Stienberg and not the end user if you get my meaning.

No, you don’t need any special license.

Unless you want to join the Halion partner program and sell your instruments through Steinberg online shop.

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@misohoza Thank you is there anywhere I can read up on the HALion partner program for meeting criteria etc in order to join.

I guess you need to contact Steinberg. Not a lot of info about this.

@misohoza Yeah, I’ve been looking all over to try and dig up info on it but cards close to their chest lol.