Steinberg hardware windows 7 error “driver signing”

Hello Guys. I have a really big problem. I use windows 7 OS and cant use my steinberg hardware on reason error “driver signing”. Is there anyone know about how to fix it. I have bought UR22C. But this Driver signing fatal error is killing me. i have used some methods f8 or f7 disable driver sign enforcement. alt+r Gpedit. all of this cant help us. please help me how i fix it and use my UR22C

Can’t help you there, never seen this error. But my advice would be at least upgrade to W10, which is way more stable for audio and Cubase. For lots of stuff including Cubase W7 is no longer supported.

You can work around this error by lowering your security settings in win7.
It may leave your PC a bit more vulnerable though.
Sorry but it’s been too long now since I played with a win7 machine to remember exactly how to change the security settings… but it should fix this issue.

Probably won’t be your last issue using win7 though…
So I strongly second comment from @ca-booter that upgrading to win10 is a “must”.