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I just open a link from Dorico to the online help, and it sends me to the correct version which has its own search function.

I think that the OP was googling a Dorico query and the first (or one of the first) results was to this screenshot. Dorico has nothing to do with Google though.

@maartenterhorst were you labelling things that you thought would be a good idea?

As nice an idea as this is, I can see that continually updating every existing page with links and version numbers to all future versions might be ‘non-trivial’.

A banner with “This is not the latest version” might be the best that can be done. But I’m sure Lillie will be along to give her thoughts on this.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with a labelled screenshot @maartenterhorst – clearly we’re on the same wavelength as the banner in particular has been discussed a number of times over the last few years, and as it happens, I was talking again about it with another team member earlier this week.

It’s definitely something we’d like to do, but for one reason and another it’s not happened yet. I’m in complete agreement that it would be very helpful!

(A little post scriptum – I know I’m heavily biased, but I do always have the latest webhelp URL to hand and would recommend giving it a bookmark. By now, various topics are peppered with keywords based on how real users have phrased questions, meaning the direct search within the Dorico 4 webhelp manual should be fairly good. I wouldn’t for a moment dare to suggest it’s anything on a par with a full-time search engine, though, so the requirement for being able to hop to the latest manual when landing on an earlier version through a search is nonetheless understood.)


Thank you for your answer @Lillie_Harris! Nice that these features are being considered and I’ll try the built-in search function more often then.

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