Steinberg - here is a simple important idea note expression vibrato

Note expression. Essentially you already have the tool. Make Note expression so it can give VIbrato to a note. This is the single most important musical reason for altering a sustained note, but Note Epxression cant currently do it. We need some options in note expression - “apply vibrato” which would make microtonal variations to a note. Perhaps different contours for the vibrato. This would mean than in Cubase ANY note from ANY library can have custom vibrato added to it - very very usefuyl for all composers and other musicians. Currently the tool is too ‘blunt’ to achieve this, the potential is easily programmed though and would be a big improvement


How would that be done?

Internally? Simply by applying a sine shaped LFO to the pitch, with adjustable frequency and amount applied. You offer the user two parameters, the frequency in Hz and the amount in %.

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Note Expression provides a way to send monophonic and polyphonic continuous controllers, and certain VST commands. Its scope is as a tool for that, but the request is for much more. It’s just not the type of thing NE as a tool would have built into itself, and certainly not trivial to program. This is the domain of VST fx or instruments.

Why is it hard to program its simply using a parameter available to note expression anyway. Why should vibrato only be confined to VSTs? There are many times vibrato is required but the istrument is not supporting it. This would be a global feature, note by note