Steinberg Houston and Old Yamaha DS 2416 cards

Hi guys, first post here.
I am a “jurassic” cubase user, thta is I am still using Cubase VST 5.1 on mac OS9 with 2 (two) yamaha DSP factory DS2416 cards.
Everything works flawlessly in mac OS9 and I am thinking about to buy a used Steinberg houston controller.
I know that OS9 is no more supported, so I hope someone will be so kind to help me, please.
I would like to kindly ask:
Does someone remember if Steinberg Houston is able to control ALL THE 48 channels of the 2 (two) DS2416 cards?
Is it only able to control the first 24 channels only (One card)?

I would really appreciate a response before spending my money…

Thanks in advance.

Lot of regards


The Houston Controller works fine if you use the standard midi cables and not the USB.