Steinberg Houston -> Mackie Emulation


I just released a PD-Patch with which it is possible, to use the Steinberg Houston as a standard Midi-Controller or as a Mackie Controller with other DAWs, additionally to Cubase/Nuendo. You can download my program here:

The Buttons are freely mappable and I implemented some extra features, like smoother fader movement.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


I have used my Houston with Ableton and it worked very well on first go.
Maybe you can answer this question.
In normal mode with Nuendo, the faders line up together but not at zero.
I have run all the tests and calibrations modes, and this happens with my other Houston too.
However, when I run in your mode the faders all go to zero as they should.
Any idea as to why I get this behaviour?
Thanks for a great program.

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Hey Leonardo_Valvassori,

Thank you. :slight_smile: I’m glad it directly worked with Ableton on your system.

The thing with the faderpositions sounds strange to me. You mean, when you use the Houston in the normal mode without my patch, then the faders doesn‘t move to the right position?

While I programmed my patch, I noticed, that the faders always lined up in the right position, when I used Cubase or Nuendo in the normal houston mode. So I programmed a Cubase/Nuendo curve into my patch, because the linear midi values didn’t result in the right faderposition.

You can press the Zap button on the houston, when you use my patch. This deactivates the Cubase curve and activates a linear curve, which is more useful for parameters like panning.

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Thanks, sorry I misse this…