Steinberg Hub After Upgrade

After upgrading to Cubase Pro 8.5 the Steinberg Hub is missing all the Quick Start and Advanced Videos, also the only items in the News section are three Mac items. If I load up Cubase 8.0 all these missing items are populated normally.

Has something not transferred properly after the update ?

The firewall usually pops up and asks you if you want to allow access the first time you open 8.5.
Maybe you clicked the wrong button, and the firewall is now blocking the hub.

I have the same problem. How can I tell the firewall the opposite?


+1 Same here .Hub is working but no video’s in pro 8.5 tried support but they are drowning with other problems .It would be great if I could check the quick start and advance video’s at the hub. :smiley:

Same issue here. Hoping Sternberg will fix this soon.