Steinberg Hub display issue

Hi there,

is anyone seeing this issue ?

When you load Cubase 8 Pro and then select a window outside Cubase (Internet navigation or just another app) you can’t access the Steinberg Hub anymore, you have to do a few clicks to the last opened window to get access to the bug again.



Ha! Never been able to get the hub working since it was first introduced! By all accounts if some dll’s are renamed it might work but then the play engine doesn’t…! Thought they would have got that sorted in this otherwise excellent update.


I’m having the same issue here with Cubase 8 Pro.
Anticipating updates!!!

Thanks guys, so I’m not the only one then :slight_smile:

Hub doesn’t connect here.

Really can’t understand why SB has not got the hub sorted, it has been 3 years since C7 was released. Studio one 2 hub has always worked from word go, as does the humble ignite software that came free with a axiom keyboard last year.