Steinberg hub iand Firefox

Is there a way to get the Steinberg hub to open in firefox instead of internet explorer?

Maybe if you try to make firefox your default browser?

it is already

confirmed, steinberg hub prefer explorer and ignore other setting

Is no-one else concerned by this? I detest IE, and regardless of opinion, it’s unarguably a security risk. I don’t use IE by choice, so there’s no reason that the Steinberg hub should open IE, is there? Surely a simple fix, and a security-conscious one. I don’t think that the hub is a good idea due to its web access anyway, but if it is necessary it should at least respect the user’s choice and probably more informed view in terms of system security.


+1 I Don’t even keep my recording computer connected to the internet. …Only to do updates…


This was listed as an ‘Improvement’ in the 7.0.3 update:-

Steinberg Hub improvement
Entries clicked in the left field of the Steinberg Hub will be opened with the default browser as currently
specified on the user’s system.”

Me…? I’ve turned it off.


Does anyone actually use the Steinberg hub? Heck, it’s even more useless than the chord track…

Haha, I use both :stuck_out_tongue:

The hub I use to see news, but I don’t generally click on it. I stopped for sure once I realised it always used IE, and I haven’t upgraded yet so I still don’t click. I like the idea of seeing things from Cubase, but then I can always receive emails instead. If the hub allowed me to upgrade automatically without thinking, or download plugins and use them instantly then I’d be really impressed! That’s what I’m hoping they’re aiming for, more of an ‘app’ idea.

The chord track I use for pre-production duties. I.e. to lazily save me leaning over and playing my piano! And it also allows me to chart out my piano chords for other musicians, saves me writing them down… Also allows me to find more interesting chords for accompaniment.

But, both need improvement. The hub needs not to be full screen for one thing. The chord track needs to be turned into clips so it works like all other clips on tracks and lanes in Cubase, right now it’s a little confusing to use.


Entries clicked on the left hand side eh? - That’s presuming the hub has connected in the first place, it’s never connected here despite spendaing ages fiddling around with it, removing forewalls and resettting router, been like that from day 0 through to current update, same for a load of people…

As one of those sad people who likes (and uses) Macs and the chord track, and doesn’t mind the Hub :wink: - I can confirm that on my Mac the Hub opens in the default browser. I mostly use Safari, but have tested it in Firefox.