Steinberg Iconica and Dorico

Has the the new Steinberg Iconica library (working with Orchestral Tools) been developed with Dorico support in mind?

I could not copy the link…

Thanks, Marc

A couple of weeks ago in NYC, Daniel mentioned that the folks in Hamburg were working on something big. Daniel, is this what you were hinting about?

Just been listening to it. It sounds wonderful - rich and deep - and I think that’s a reasonable price. That said, it’s still expensive enough to make me read through the reviews. The chances are that I’ll probably hold off until Dorico is fully compatible and probably wait for Iconica Opus.

… it seems like an (quality) equivalent to Vienna Symphonic Library. We can hope for an easy integration with Dorico. And who knows… one day it might be even part of it??

I have a number of VST libraries already - Cinematic Strings and Brass, Keyscape for piano, 8dio for solo winds. But if (when) Iconica is natively integrated with Dorico, that would be enough to persuade me, since I’m always keen to get a workable demo “out of the box.”

But I don’t imagine that compatibility will happen before the introductory price expires.

cyberkrunk, this is indeed what I was alluding to in NYC.

Don’t fret too much about the introductory price: it will be a little while before we have proper support for Iconica in Dorico and we can always consider doing a time-limited promotional price at that point to give Dorico users a chance to get on-board then. No promises, but it wouldn’t be out of the question.

…and when Dorico is ready for Iconica it will also be ready to accomodate NotePerformer fully… Iconica may sound impressive (to some), but it’s just yet another sample library without any musical “understanding”… and with the usual set of compromises built in…

I realise that’s not a promise, but it would be brilliant if that was the case!

The only thing keeping me from buying it now is precisely the Dorico seamless integration. Because of my particular line of work, my end product is always a Score (and Parts), so the audio is only for demo purposes (to show to people in the music business that either don’t really read music or don’t want to spend the time doing so). So the fact that there could be a high-quality VST integrated into Dorico which could provide high-quality music demos without much effort from the user is really a dream come true.

As always, kudos!

I may have missed something, but how about another expansion pack idea - for guitars and other exotic strummed/plucked instruments, from far and wide; baroque/early, all manner of fantastic sounds - and all recorded at the Funkhaus of course…:slightly_smiling_face:. Maybe for when Dorico properly supports Tablature notation etc…


I’d jump onto your idea and would support baroque/early sounds. They don’t exist yet as far as I know…
… and yes, all from the Funkhaus :wink:
is this, by the way, just a marketing synonym, or is it something like Rundfunkhaus Berlin („Haus des Rundfunks“)??

VSL has got Recorders and Historic Winds.

VSL = Vienna Symphonic Library.
I will try to find an ‘exsample’

actually this sounds rather interesting
thank you HeiPet

k_b and others,

Some other lovely early instrument VSTs that I’ve used recently:

Lute -

Viol -

Theorbo, Renaissance guitar, etc. -

As well as a collection that I thought I’d try despite knowing it’s not really aimed at or suited to my and probably many or most in this community’s needs but I really wanted to see if I could get the natural trumpets, sackbuts, and cornetti to work for a recent project (spoiler alert: it didn’t work out too well…):

So… yes, this area of virtual instruments is underdeveloped, but there’s at least a little bit out there! :slight_smile:

Have watched, with enthusiasm, the Iconica Section tutorials. Such a wonderful sounding library with so many extras included to make one’s music sound “live.” Just wondering, do the sampled sounds in the library default to wet or dry? I didn’t see anything regarding application of “effects” like reverb in any of the tutorials. Probably because that is applied in the individual DAWs.


Another thought. Iconica now offers a 30-day FREE trial period to become acquainted with the new Iconica library. If one downloaded the trial offer and worked with it for 30 days, they would exceed the July 11 deadline for purchase ($699.99 vs. $799.99). Has anyone heard of a reduced price extension for trial period users?

Haven’t heard anything like that, and I doubt that such an extension (to users whose trial period extends beyond the deadline for the introductory price) would be generally made on any individual basis. Either they extend the introductory period for all users, or they don’t extend it for anyone other than exceptional cases.

That said, my take on the question is not based on any inside information, just past experience with such deadlines.

Is there an educational discount on Iconica?

I don’t think so: it doesn’t appear in the Edu Shop.