Steinberg in Downloads folder

Good day! I’m doing some file clean up on my MacBook Pro and I noticed this Steinberg folder in my Downloads folder. I have a foggy memory of clicking something in the Steinberg Download Assistant a while back. I thought I was installing all the latest updates. Other than that, I don’t know where this came from.

How do I find out if all the latest updates in this list are installed on my computer?I’m using the latest version of Dorico Pro. Can I safely delete this whole folder? It’s over 18 gigabytes. Thanks

Yes. You can confirm this by putting everything in the trash and if Dorico then runs smoothly, it’s all installed and you can empty the trash.

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Yes, you can certainly delete that folder. Steinberg Download Assistant doesn’t delete the downloaded files by default after you have installed them, but once you’ve installed everything, you definitely don’t need to keep that folder in your Downloads folder. Reclaim the disk space and breathe easy.