Steinberg Installation Updater v1.5 Error

Please see attached error on running Steinberg Installation Updater v1.5
(Which appears from web pages to be the backup install method for Download Assistant)
Im getting this on Catalina 10.15.7. Anyone else seen this?
Top part of Image is the error message. Bottom part the Log file the Installation Updater produces.


Try to open the Keychain Access > Certificates. Go thru the list and double-check, if there is any Steinberg certificate, you could switch to the trust level, please.

Interesting. This problem appeared on my new clean rebuild. Just looked at the Keychain and it has no certificates at all. This explains the error, but not the underlying reason why its missing.
Where would the missing Steinberg Certificate normally be generated from?



Did you install the Full version before the update, please?

The rebuild sequence was.
A clean external SSD
Installed a new Catalina 10.15.7 build from a USB pen drive installer.
After OSX Installed I then :
Installed elcc downloaded as latest from the eLicenser site.
Obtained latest DLA from Steinberg site.
Reinstalled all Software starting from Download Assistant v 1.20.2
(except the vst sound libraries which were held on another disk location)
Cubase 11 install used the Full Installer.

The Download Assistant on first Install gave me two errors
1: Popped up the window stating it hadn’t sucessfully installed and pointed me to the links to manually install the three installation support files below
(This never happened on old build but there I had updated from DLA v1.19)

1: eLcc (which I had already installed and which I now believe was the cause of the pop up error window on DLA)
2: Library Manager (which worked OK)
3: Installation Assistant (which I wasn’t certain what it did)
On examining the system to understand item 3 I found two Install related apps.

A: Steinberg Installation Updater v1.15, placed in user library and
B : Steinberg Install Assistant 1.0 placed in the System Library.

App A Steinberg Installation Updater v1.15 had a Log Folder which I noticed creates an entry when the app is run.

It was this log pointing to a Certificate error.

I have been examining the old builds which I still have on external SSD but cant find any reference yet to the named Certificate in the error log as reported.

The Old builds would have migrated all their files through both OSX and Steinberg Software updates since around High Sierra OSX launch.

Still trying to understand why the new build did not pick up any Certificates from Keychain, including those from Apple, given its iCloud linked.
I have not used Apples Migration App as I wanted a controlled clean install.

I can’t add any required Steinberg Certificates manually to test Steinberg Installation Updater as I can’t find a copy, but it clearly won’t run without it.

I’m also aware I don’t really understand where certificates fit in relation to software install tasks.