Steinberg, is it safe to update yet?

Some pretty scary stories here about dongle malfunctions and servers not working. Is this resolved, can I buy without worrying?

Looking forward to it

Thank you Z


The version itself seems to be very stable from the first reactions. So from this point of view it’s safe to update.

You are right, Steinberg servers are overloaded and it takes long time to activate the license for dome users (unfortunately in the meantime, they have no license). But at least some of them are thru already and they got the license.

In general, myself I wouldn’t upgrade, in the middle of a project, or knowing, I have a recording (or important mixing) session tomorrow.

Downloaded…installed, activated and runs fine here on Mac. Automatically transfered my preferences. Already finished a song. 40 tracks w/audio and vsti.

I’ve just managed to upgrade my 10 pro license to 11 pro using a 10.5 upgrade i purchased a while ago. i have been trying to perform the maintennce in the E licenser software since yesterday. the licence upgrade took about 5 minutes to go through after the 1st attempt failed.

now i have about 15 downloads on the go from the download assistant. installing those 1 at a time will be fun


Wow, congrats! Maybe this is the first Cubase 11 song ever. :wink: :smiley: