Steinberg Key USB eLicenser

Hi, I have a question. I have Cubase 8 and Cubase AI. I registered it on the official website of Steinberg, where I have put two codes from CUBASE 8 and CUBASEE AI.
The license USB key I have only activated Cubase 8. If I want to use Cubase AI also in another computer, can I purchase a USB key and put code for Cubase AI into a new USB key and use it as well?


Hi borisbutas,
you can use several licenses for Cubase,Wavelab or Nuendo for example on just one USB eLicenser. you can also purchase another eLicenser for that but it is not necessary. you can install Cubase and even diffrent versions of it on so many computers, as you want(just for yourself, of course), on one or several, and you can use each program particular in the effect that you transfer the eLicenser to that computer, you gonna work to. you can not use one or several programs at the same time on different computers with just one USB eLicenser. for example if you want to work with two or more programs at the same time on two different computers, maybe for a pro studio setting, you´ll need another USB eLicenser.

hope, i could help you

You can:

  1. Use a soft elicenser with Cubase AI on another computer (no usb key. Internet conhection required for activation)
  2. Buy a new usb key to use it on another computer (Cubase AI license)
  3. Move your usb key with Cubase 8 license to open Cubase AI (or Cubase 8) on another computer (Cubase 8 license will open Cubase AI 8)

Thankx, borisbutas
i´ve corrected my post, for your better understanding with one last sentence.
Keep on producing.