steinberg key wireless?

I have to use two usb-dongles for my software licenses. This is somewhat unpractical with a laptop. Is there a wireless solution to this? Connecting the dongles onto an external device communicating w/ computer through wi-fi or Bluetooth?

I’ve never heard of it, but maybe there is. I foresee problems though, because Cubase does license checks very often, and the slight bit of latency a wireless usb hub is likely to have might be noticable.

Well, you can move all licenses to a single key. Plug both at the same computer, open elicenser software and drag and drop licenses from a key to another one.

Any idea how often exactly that is? Sometimes it would even be practical to remove the dongle(s) after booting the software.

I don’t really understand why check the license after a succesful startup.

Good point about transferring the licenses! But my other license is on iLok - are these two compatible?

They’re not compatible unfortunately.

How many checks Cubase does I don’t know. I recall reading somewhere that it’s with every function call but I have no idea if that’s true. It’s not in Steinbergs advantage to reveal such information though so I don’t think we’ll find a definitive answer to that.

No. Unfortunately you can’t move a license from an ilok to a Steinberg key and vice versa. I thought you was talking about two Steinberg keys.