Steinberg Knowledge Base needs fixing!

I’ve posted this here because I can’t find anywhere else suitable to place it. At least here it will get a good viewing.

This needs a major overhaul, it’s riddled with issues. The search option is total rubbish for example I want to look up uninstall instructions for CB5 on W7. As soon as I start to type in “uninstall” it immediately takes me to a pre-selected choice of 2 options, one including Mac OS, both of which are totally irrelevant!

There’s no possibility of adding the options below like OS etc as it then takes me off into the pre-selected database with another set of wrong issues I’m not interested in.

I had problems the other day with what I complained about as “broken links” but this could also possibly be due to a bad design issue as it appears to constantly bring me back to my previous page. There is no clear indication that it’s taken me to the right page unless I then scroll down from the screen shot image at the top. And again it’s NOT the information I want!

In short is unusable in the form it is and basically useless. this really needs fixing asap.

Hi Sonic,

When you get that results page, don’t you get the search interface if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page?