Steinberg Lengthy Response Time

I am so disappointed in Steinberg’s reply time. I created a ticket on 21 January #368360 and didn’t get a reply until 8 Feb. where Martin Jirsak wanted me to send the crash log. to him which I did on my first request. I send him, again, the crash log and no word as of today 19 Feb. Is Steinberg a serious company? I’m not a professional that response time is vital to my business, but the amount of money I’ve invested in this company makes me furious about the lack of support. I’m done with Steinberg, and moved completely over to Personus Studio One 5 Pro. They respond within 3-5 days max. P.S Hej Martin, don’t trouble yourself to get back to me.

It’s hilarious how mac users get mad at software companies but not Apple for changing everything ever couple years and making everything incompatible and broken and forcing software companies to have to re-write their programs.

Your first mistake was getting a mac, it’s a myth that they are more stable/better than Windows PC. The truth is, they are user experience machines and not engineering platforms.

I’ve been running Cubase without problems on Windows 7, it’s an 11 year old OS. I can run Windows XP software on Windows 7 and some Windows 10 software on Windows 7. Cubase 11 won’t install on Windows 7, but I can simply install it on a Windows 10 computer, and then copy over the files to my Windows 7 machine. I am running Cubase SX3, Cubase 4 32bit and 64bit, Cubase 8.5 32bit and 64 bit, Cubase 10, unsupported Cubase 10.5 and unsupported Cubase 11 all on Windows 7. All versions are working. fine.

On my Windows 10 laptop, I can run Windows XP and Windows 7 software. Windows XP is 20 years old.

It’s so weird that Apple users stand by Apple like that, and they charge so much $$$$ for their hardware on top of it? Why? Just so they can release an update a year or two later that breaks everything?

It’s a shame Apple computers weaseled their way into the professional/commercial market because they should only be kitchen appliances and tablets to run childrens learning games.

I remember back in the day when I was in audio school this IT nightmare that shut everything done because the school was running Apple macs, and Digidesign Protools which at the time had to be bounded to hardware of which we had Mboxes for students, and 002s for the actual studios… It was as if both Digidesign and Apple simultaneously released updates that broke compatibility both ways with no easy way to undo. Everything stopped working, it was a mess. Total IT nightmare.

Studio One is meh, sell your mac and get a Windows PC.

Your line of argument is misleading, because still there’s no excuse for the 1 month response time that I’ve experienced, and it’s not the 1st time. This reflects poorly on a major company like Steinberg. I’m happy for your system being reliable. I’ve experienced the same issue, the long response time from steinberg when I was on PC. So, it’s irrelevant what system I’m on, the company should take care of its customers. BTW, Personus has updated all it’s hardware, software to Big Sur, something Steinberg hasn’t done yet. Another point for Personus. Thanks for playing.

It’s not irrelevant because if you had a PC you might not have an issue to be waiting for a response for. Not to mention, there could be an influx of other yearly Apple broke everything but I’m going to blame you Mac users. Every time I see long threads in here with 20 oe 30 people posting about a problem - it’s Apple mac computer OS.

In regards to the response time, are you talking about here on the forum, or are you talking about email? Martin isn’t official support, he’s a certified Cubase trainer who spends a lot of time on the forums.

Email response time for me is usually about 3 days if there is no holiday/depending on weekend, etc.