Steinberg Library Manager errors while upgrading

I just used Steinberg Download Assistant to upgrade from Cubase 11.0.20 to 11.0.30 on macOS 11.6. I keep getting the following errors:

`/Users/me/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX/Prime Cuts/ADD_SMT_150_Prime_Cuts.vstsound'
could not be opened.  Please check file permissions and retry.

And several others, but the. window won’t let me copy and paste it and it’s too much to type. I checked and those files exist and seem to have the right permissions so I don’t know what’s going on. My only option is to click Ok and hope for the best!

Seems like it might just be hung up on HALion Sonic SE 3.4.30 - Instrument (recommended) and there doesn’t seem to be a way to cancel it.


Sorry, are you talking about the Steinberg Library Manager or the Steinberg Download Assistant, please?

Make sure the permissions are right even for all parents folders.

I think the problem is really in the Library Manager. I was just using DA to install the update. I’ll check the parent folders, thanks.


So what is the problem with the Steinberg Library Manager, please?

What I can see in your description is an error while using Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you for clarification.

It happened again with the upgrade to 11.0.40. While “Cubase Pro 11.0.04 - Application (required)” is in progress (with the blue bar going back and forth), a window popped up that said “Steinberg Library Manager” and inside that window are lots of error messages like the one I pasted above. I checked all the paths and I have permission for them all. It says to “Please check file permissions and retry.” but the only thing I can do to continue the upgrade process is to hit the only button I see, which says “Ok”.

Since this has happened each time I’ve upgraded, I don’t understand what is going wrong or how to fix it. Thanks.

By the way, this error window comes up 3 times during the installation process, but the installation finally appears to succeed.

Same here. By the way, the error message only comes up if the update is performed inside the Steinberg Download Assistant. When I execute the downloaded image manually, the error messages are not shown.


Where is the Steinberg Download Assistant application located, please?

On my system, Steinberg Download Assistant is located in the standard “applications” folder (/Applications) in macOS.


Did you double-check all parent folders permissions, please?

As with @stanft Download Assistant is in /Applications. I double checked all folder permissions and they all look like I have write permission. The one that looks weird is the Prime Cuts directory:

% ls -ld ~/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX/Prime\ Cuts/
drwxr-xr-x@ 3 me  staff  96 Nov 14  2020 /Users/me/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX/Prime Cuts//

I’m not sure what the @ means. The first file mentioned in the error message has the same attribute:

% ls -l ~/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX/Prime\ Cuts/ADD_SMT_150_Prime_Cuts.vstsound 
-rw-r--r--@ 1 me  staff  209315457 Nov 14  2020 /Users/me/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX/Prime Cuts/ADD_SMT_150_Prime_Cuts.vstsound

My experience was the same. If I download the 11.0.40 dmg and install it that way, I don’t get any errors.