Steinberg Library Manager not up to the task - or is it me?

Dear Doricians,
Last weekend, I got this funny idea : how about some “spring housework” (litteral translation from French “ménage de printemps”) on my laptop’s internal hard drive? Especially with the tools I seldom use, such as all those HALion sounds… Ok, the Steinberg Library Manager is there for that purpose right?
Then the trouble begins. Some instruments cannot be moved. What? Why? But… I’ve never used them, I don’t need them… Why are they listed by this manager if I can’t move them?
After moving everything I could, I noticed that my beloved Dorico app would crash if I opened a file that used some HALion in its playback (yes, old files…), unless I could change the playback template before the crash. But then… What is the point in moving things through a manager, if the apps supposed to use the sounds do crash after that move?
I suppose I must have made some mistakes and messed with my HALion libraries, but I also think there are genuine questions raised here. What are my options with HALion? Reinstall everything? Although I don’t use it, I hate that the program crashes on me because of my mistakes…
Thanks in advance.

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Agreed! And in English we say “Spring Cleaning”.


rite of spring

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Hi @MarcLarcher , very unusual, that shall not happen to you. Please post a diagnostics report, I want to see the crash dumps. Thanks

Ulf helped me solve my problem. When the Steinberg Library Manager (SLM) does not let me move things, it’s because the permissions on the file are set to reading only for everyone. Even though I’m the admin of my computer and the setting is “read and write”. So changing the permissions to “read and write” for everyone lets the SLM perform its moving task.
But the SLM is shining in this last step: double clicking any file managed by the SLM in the finder makes the SLM update its whole database with every file contained in that folder (in my case, I had moved “by hand” a bunch of HALion files that weighed a lot in my laptop drive to an external drive, because of the authorization problem…) HALion would not crash anymore after that simple action.
I hope this will help other users! And again, congrats to Steinberg and especially to Ulf who was able to troubleshoot this in less than ten minutes :slight_smile: