'Steinberg Licence Engine' process problems

I am still having problems starting up Wavelab 11.1 - usually if it’s the first app I run after boot-up but sometimes at seemingly random times too. I get the message saying to “Switch to SAM” and SAM just sticks on the loading screen. Eventually I quit all screens and WL says “no valid licence found” in a small on-screen error box.

The common factor seems to be a process called SteingbergLicenceEngine.

If I kill that using task manager, then all will work again, both SAM and WL.
In fact so far I only seem to find the SteingbergLicenceEngine process running when I am having the problem… maybe that’s a clue.
It’s no showstopper, as I can work around using task manager, but it is a time waster and an increasing irritation, so any suggestions or reports from others having similar problems would be appreciated.

WL 11.1 on W10 (up to date) - i7 latest gen with 64gb RAM on a newish Gigabyte mobo.

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Same here, but this only started happening to me today … I also noticed that the dreaded full scan of plugins is back … used to be only associated with the clocks going back in Autumn.

Thanks MrSoundman, it’s been happening here on and off since WL went over to the new license system. First time it was fixed by updating SAM but that’s bang up to date. Using task manager to kill the SLE process usually works but it is annoying.

Some hours later, with no other changes, this is now all working for me again (SAM currently). There’s obviously an external dependency somewhere, probably reliant on internet access.

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Yes … it works for me but SAM typically hangs for a while while WL launch ‘switches to SAM’ and it ‘logs in’. I know that once the license is installed on the machine it should not need internet access’ to launch but …

It’s all a bit unpredictable really.
Unlike some, I do have my studio machine online by default and stick it into flight mode only when I get working on something. So whatever is going on is definitely not internet access related.
I am thinking these problems are more ‘Steinberg/Yamaha’ related than to Wavelab itself (and PG1).
Interestingly my Cubase 12 hasn’t had any of these problems since the licence migration. Hopefully it will get sorted soon.

Agree 100% this is not a WL issue … it’s a Steinberg licensing matter.

It’s unpredictable. Once it’s launched, and you quit WL … the next launch if the computer has not been turned off just flashes ‘checking licenses’ and launches without going to the SAM dialogue.

Nuendo just launches and always has since the license migration.

I was hit with this the other day and now WL will crash to desktop after trying to open up an existing session or creating a new one. Fun times…


Have you all open a ticket with Steinberg to address the problem ?
really hope this problem will be taken care of…

regards S-EH

Starting to feel I am getting off lightly here!
All I can suggest is running Task Manager (if on Windows) and killing the ‘Steinberg Licence Engine’ process if it’s running before attempting to open WL.

Good point Sven-Erik - I was going to the first time, a while back, but PG1 jumped on it so quickly (like he does bless him) with a fix (updating the SAM) that I never did.
This time round (now I’ve looked at a few other threads) I thought they surely are aware… but yes, I will do so after all, you are right.

Yeah, opened a ticket. Here’s hoping or it’s back to Reaper for tomorrow’s job…

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Got it all sorted by deleting a pref file. Thanks to the support team.

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