Steinberg License Offline Activation (Nuendo 12)

My client’s company computer cannot connect to the internet and can only be authorized using the Offline Activation Generate a request file method and generating a license file on my laptop. I have the following questions:

  1. Does the license on the client’s company computer have a time limit? Or can they use Nuendo 12 permanently?

  2. If the client’s company computer is broken and cannot be turned on, how can the license be de-activated?

  3. If the client wants to use Nuendo 12 on their home computer after going home, do they need to de-activate the license on the company computer first?

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There is no timelimit.

Your client can login to the online profile and deactivate the licenses.

You can activate up to three Computer at the same time. There is no need to deactivate the Studio licenses first.

You can read all about the Licensing Here

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Thanks for the answer

The customer’s computer cannot be authenticated by the Activation Manager because it is blocked by the company’s internal network. If only need to open the Activation Manager for authentication, which IP, port, or proxy should be opened?

Your customer doesn’t need to open the network, you can keep using the offline activation. You can do that on up to three computers at the same time.
Activation can be done on a different computer, that has a network connection and transferred to the offline machines.
Deactivation can also be done from a different machine, where you login to the Steinberg profile.

The customer successfully activated Nuendo 12 in offline mode.
However, when they opened Nuendo 12, they received the error message “VST Sound Library “[…]” not found”. They selected “ignore” and Nuendo 12 opened successfully.
However, the customer was unable to record audio (possibly because no recording settings were configured). They then tried to open Nuendo 7, which had been previously configured for recording, but they were also unable to record audio (all settings had disappeared). The mixer is a PreSonus 16.

Please advise if there is anything wrong with the configuration.

How can I restore the settings in Nuendo 7?