Steinberg Licensing - Computer names

I’m irritated. Just looking at the registrations for my Steinberg products
But my name is not Daniel or Nicola, the Computer names are absolutly different.
Where these names are coming from?

Next you’ll tell us you don’t even have a Mac :slight_smile:

I noticed that the names only started to appear on recent updates of the Steinberg Activation Manager (“SAM”). Prior to that, there were only hex codes, meaning you couldn’t tell which computer was which.

In my case (on Windows) it is now working well and is accurate. I’m not familiar with MacOS but it seems to have a Unix-style shell … can you open a shell (command prompt, terminal) and try typing “hostname”, just to check what the actual names of your computers are? (as opposed to just a displayed name in the GUI)

Failing that, you could try giving Daniel or Nicola a nasty surprise by deactivating the licenses :smiling_imp:
(a new feature in the latest version of SAM)

Thanks for your response :wink: I’m on Mac and the hostname (good idea) tells my, that I’m not Nicola or Daniel.

I can only assume, by the apostrophe after a name ending on “S”, this seems to be an automated naming process.

My suggestion to Steinberg: Please include a second line below each computer name, showing the actual computer name or the letter and number combination. This could reduce the confusion or even remove any potential concerns, like someone could have activated a license on a foreign machine (not everyone cares about the computer name and could think that maybe, as long as the computer itself works correctly).

Mine is working fine here, although the MySteinberg info says I just activated mine about 10 minutes ago (when I opened up the Activation Manager). I seem to remember that happening to my account awhile ago. Either logging back in, opening the Activation Manager or updating the SAM ‘refreshed’ it and it’s been fine since that first time.

Strange and luck to you :wink:
I don’t know what the consequences are.
Would be nice, if Steinberg can clear this up.

btw. In the configuration in the SAM, computer’s name is correct.