Steinberg Licensing for Retrologue 2

in light of this:

it would be helpful to know which version of Retrologue is ‘Steinberg Licensing ready’ - I assume it’s v2.3.0 from March 2022 ?

it’s not mentioned here although the expansions are:

this page also says The Grand 3.3.0 doesn’t support elicenser - which of course it does.

Going forward it would be nice to mention version numbers when making the announcements - or link to an UP TO DATE (:slight_smile: ) version of that page.

thanks :+1:

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In the vouchers section of MySteinberg, I just saw 3 of the sound libraries as having vouchers, and not Retrologue 2. I assume R2 is covered by my Cubase Pro 12 license and no action is required?
Perhaps this should be mentioned somewhere, if so?

You should only see a voucher for Retrologue 2 if you purchased it separately. All bundled plug-ins are covered by the Cubase 12 license.

Just make sure that Retrologue is updated to the latest version, 2.3.0.

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Thanks, for making me aware of this. I will take care of it.

I assume you mean ‘aware’ or the Steinberg help article not being up to date ?

it would be nice to get answer to the question.

Yes, I edited the announcement and will take care of the help article.