Steinberg licensing for VST instruments?

I’ve recently bought a couple of Steinberg VST instruments - the Lute and the 1738 Harpsichord.

I was a bit disappointed that both of them use the old eLCC, rather than the new Steinberg licensing – particularly as that means they are tied to only one computer.

The web page about Steinberg licensing says:

"Over time, as new versions of our creative tools and instruments are introduced, our product line will use Steinberg Licensing. We expect the overall transition will take between one and two years."

I’ve also bought the Olympus Elements package (twice!) .

Any idea when things are going to move over?


Just this week bought the Lute2 instrument advertised by Steinberg, originally from Cinematique, to run with Halion and Dorico and there seems no way to instal it on my second (portable) Windows machine. All communications about the move to Steinberg licensing imply this should be possible. Only the download code in Download Assistant works and it only works one time. What do I need to do, please? If this has been misleadingly communicated, can I claim my payment back and go for the Kontakt version instead?

Crosslinked to a workaround given by Daniel Spreadbury:

If you have [esp. Full] Kontakt, you should always check for and get the Kontakt version over the HALion version (when available).

For refunds, you need to contact Steinberg Sales Support. No on here will be able to answer that inquiry for you.

I realise that now. The creator, Cinematique, previously did have a more fully featured Kontakt version of Medi(a)eval Lute, that ran on the full player (albeit rather more expensive), but now seems to have withdrawn it. A pity, since it showed and presumably allowed finer level control over which string was being used. There were finger noises too though I can do without those. I wonder if they will come up with an upgrade.

Additionally, ive also had lots of instances where the HALion version was more expensive than the Kontakt version.

The Bolder Sounds Pure Lute for Kontakt might have been a better choice. Every single online resource about the installation of the Steinberg/Cinematique instrument has been misleading in one way or another. Here below a You Tube video that led me up the garden path.

It’s one thing to say that Steinberg are trying to move away from the old licensing system, and I understand that’s a difficult thing that will take time, but if they are selling - indeed promoting - instruments such as Lute2/ Medieval Lute which still use it then they really need to tweak their own support documentation so that it reflects the current reality, i.e. that you need to install the eLicenser on the target machines. This video, which seems like it should be authoritative, does not mention that: How to Install HALion Instruments | Cinematique Instruments - YouTube

The comments on the video and other review sites really should give Steinberg or their owners Yamaha food for thought. What happened to Japanese-style Total Quality Management? This forum ought to be a source for improvement not only warning to unwary new users!

It is very unlikely HALion based instruments will migrate to Steinberg Licensing until HALion 7 is released. HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3 are clearly not going to get Steinberg Licensing support; if this was going to happen, Steinberg would have released those updates by now.