Steinberg Licensing killed Groove Agent 3

I’ve been using GA3 since 2008, lately under Bridger. It’s a core part of my writing toolkit. I upgraded to Steinberg Licencing and it wiped my ability to use this, even though I still have the original DVD install (which I used) I’m guessing it’s not “currently supported” The nightmare continues. Can I have my old licences back? Is there any way to go back from Steinberg Licensing? I can’t load songs with GA3 . . .

Please connect your eLicenser to your computer, run the eLicenser Control Center and perform Maintenance by clicking the icon to the top right.

The USB-eLicenser dongle is required to run Groove Agent 3.

Thank for the reply. However, I always have the USB licenser attached to the computer - I can’t run my VSTi’s without it. I upgraded to Steinberg Licensing and lost my GA3 VSTi.
After contacting support I have:

  • reinstalled with all updates
  • performed eLicenser maintenance multiple times
  • tried different USB ports
  • transferred licences to Steinberg multiple times

Nothing makes any difference. As you can see from the picture; there are items missing from the list of my licences at Steinberg - Wavelab Pro and Groove Agent. There is a dot??
I have 2 songs to mix in which I hadn’t yet bounced down GA3. Steinberg support says “It works with a GA 5 licence” (it may, but not here) and “try maintenance” (I’ve done that) The error I get when I try to run GA3 is that it needs a new activation code. Don’t Steinberg do this any more? I have the original DVD and activation code. Why not generate a new one?

Also, since I upgraded the licensing, GA5 does not recognise this file: FCP_SMT_145_GA_Perc.vstsound.

Library Manager says it’s registered. I feel this whole license process could be interpreted as being not quite ready for prime time. I’d really like to get Groove Agent back!

Local support contacted Steinberg. There is a database issue. (as you can tell from the picture) They have supplied a temporary activation code. It’s working. If you have issues, upload your licensers to Steinberg and check them for missing software.

Have done everything in this thread to no avail, and have just sent a support message to concerning the loss of GA 3 License after updating GA 5 License to new Steinberg Licensing system. Let’s see how long it takes for it to wend its way through the system.

In my case: GA 5 works fine after license switch from eLicenser to new new licensing system, but lost use of GA3, which also disappeared from My Steinberg Account as well as my eLicenser. Truthfully I can’t recall if it was still on the eLicenser after upgrading to GA5 when it came out, just never thought about it.
Anyway, if this is a database issue, I hope they get it sorted so others won’t have to jump through the same hoops to get older software licenses to work. Stupid of me to upgrade to the new system so soon. Should know better by now.

Got a very quick response from Yamaha Canada today, unfortunately the information they provided was incorrect. They responded by saying that the reason my GA 3 was no longer usable was because it is 32 bit and Nuendo and Cubase 12 no longer support 32 bit programs, but I’ve been using GA3, Virtual Guitarist 2 and Virtual Bassist in Nuendo 12 and Cubase 12 Pro via J-Bridge without issue. Still using VG 2 and V Bassist as I write this, and have related this info to Steinberg/Yamaha Support Canada in response to their response but have not yet heard anything back. Perhaps I have only imagined this… :smile:
Could someone from Steinberg proper respond to this post perhaps with more current info as to how we can get our GA 3 licenses operating again? Pretty please…

I have requested a new Activation Code for GA 3 from Steinberg/Yamaha Canada so I can reactivate GA 3 on my e-Licenser. Perhaps Steinberg will eventually fix the new system so we can use our backwards compatible software.

So Steinberg/Yamaha Canada resolved this pretty quickly by getting me a new activation code for a temp GA4 License to use until the GA5 database issue is resolved for backwards compatibility in the new Steinberg licensing app.

In my case there was an error in the database regarding my licenses for Wavelab and Cubase. Today they must have “fixed” this because those applications stopped working and I had to reactivate. Sigh.