Steinberg Licensing or eLicenser option

Wavelab 11.1 has just been released and it appears to offer the user the option to use either Steinberg Licensing OR the eLicenser system. This seems like a very good idea. Could it be applied to Nuendo and Cubase too please. I have been trying for some time to get the N12 Trial version up and running on my PC but the License Activation system does not work and Steinberg support in Germany can not work out why. It seems that the only way I could continue to feed money to Steinberg would be if l could elect to run N12 using my eLicensor.

I suppose they did it in Wavelab as an intermediate step, as this is not a major release, where everyone needs/gets a new license anyway. So the migration process can be spread over a couple of weeks. Frankly, I don’t see that option returning to the already released products for some reasons.


You are probably right, but it’s not clear in the Wavelab post.

New WaveLab 11.1 licences are Steinberg Licensing with immediate effect.

The only option is for existing WaveLab 11 users to keep their licence on eLicenser or, when the migration route is open, to migrate their licence to Steinberg Licensing. WaveLab 12 will be Steinberg Licensing only.

eLicenser is old technology and Steinberg have made the decision to remove it from service. There clearly are issues with Steinberg Licensing in some scenarios, but the answer is to fix Steinberg Licensing, not allow a return to old technology that is broken in various ways.

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