Steinberg Manager content download

Hi All, I received an email today suggesting I download ‘Novel Piano’ from my Steinberg Download Manager. I did this and added a couple of other files while I was there ( Funky Guitar 1 & 2 and Vertigo Strings). They downloaded ok and I checked that the new files were in the folder on my PC that the downloader told me it was going to put the files. I copied/pasted the new files into my Steinberg vst instruments folder. But, when I opened a CB project I’ve been working on, the new files were nowhere to be seen! Have I done something wrong here? Suppose I must have! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


This is just a library for the HALion Sonic SE.

Hi, yes. I opened Halion and the new vst instruments were not in there.

@Martin.Jirsak I find it extremely annoying that the download manager automtically installed content libraries on my hard drive without asking where I actually want to install it, it also cleaned the download folder just like that. This is why I would avoid using this tool.