Steinberg microphone input computer output configuration

I have a UR22mkII which I am now using for the first time, and I’ve just installed Cubase LE AI 10.5.20. I’m totally new to this game.

I want to do something very simple for now: record audio tracks to be added into my Camtasia screencasts. I have a Shure SM58 connected by XLR cable to the input 1, and the only other connection is the USB cable to my Mac. I understand that I should adjust the gain so that it just flashes red at peak input volume (much like the old UV metres in the cassette days).

  1. I find that I can only achieve this only by winding the Input I gain all the way up to max. Even then, what I get (whether I pipe it straight into Camtasia or try to record in Cubase) seems to me fairly low volume… (if I understand correctly, the other knobs on the UR22 have no effect here)

Is there something I am overlooking or is this normal, and I should adjust something in the recording software?

  1. Assuming for a moment that I record an audio voice track successfully in Cubase (so I have the audio driver set to Steinberg UR22mkII) can I arrange the playback to go out over the computer (speakers or headphones)? In other words, use Steinberg for input and (in my case) Mac built-in audio for output? I don’t want to have to keep moving the headphones from the UR22 to the Mac input and back, which also involves changing adapters

Maybe the best way to phrase it is, what’s the ideal set-up here so I can monitor recording and playback…

(MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina 10.15.6 if it matters)

Many thanks


That depends on how loud the signal you record actually is.

The best way is to monitor record and playback via the UR22mkII. Other than that there are plenty of threads with solution about this on the forums search „aggregate“ or „aggregated device“.

As to the first point: well, normal voice level, speaking right into the mic (i.e., narration, as opposed to singing loudly, shouting, or whatever).

“Aggregate”: I will look. I did not see anything obvious before but wasn’t really sure what to search for. Thanks.

Then it is probably normal

„Aggregate(d) device“ is what you should look for.

Understood. Appreciated.

Quick acknowledgement that quick search of the forum ultimately led me Create an Aggregate Device to combine multiple audio devices – Apple Support (UK) and I was indeed able to set something up to do what I want.

I do understand that this is not a supported solution, generally, and that for good audio recording purposes I should follow your advice and use the UR22 and monitor from there. I will do that for serious Cubase applications.

In other words, my questions have been addressed very nicely. Thanks very much.