Steinberg - MIDI Remote Editor roadmap? Critical issues and bugs


This thread is not about the Instrument Maps. That’s something totally different.

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New week, new rekindled hope that we can get some attention this way.

Weekend optimism hit in hoping for some more attention here :slightly_smiling_face:

I admire your optimism but usually if Steinberg are preparing a bug fix that they admit they broke (rare) they normally give you a clue with in the first couple of days that a hot patch will be released so it looks like it’s join the queue on the bug fixes

I mean I’ve been on about this since the launch of Cubase 12 haha.
I am very frustrated about it, and of course I am a realist as well, but this is also the only thing I can really do about it, so I’m doing it.
Other than that, I even started considering making my own controller device that specifically handles many of the Cubase problems just because I’m a bit sick of not being able to use my midi controllers properly as it is.

You are not the only one Bud , i have 5 controllers here that non of the encoders work properly and a defunked ,now non supported (because they knew they were going to break it) CmC QC

I know I’m not the only one, which is why I am so frustrated by it.
For my own sake I can program my own solution to work around it, but I just hate that a user with no programming skills should be unable to use their controllers.

It is a pain for sure , what’s more of a pain , i want to update all my controllers for the new systems but still use the CmC’s (which will still be possible ) but because with every release of C12 Steinberg either with the MR break something , add something that breaks something , change something that breaks something or … and until they have sorted out exactly whet the hell they are doing only a mad man would go out and buy the latest all singing and dancing controllers to find out by the time Steinberg have finished at snails pace faffing about , these new tools will not work with MR .
Sorry i love Cubase and Steinberg but sometimes the silence lets your thoughts on the matter run away (see, proper creative ) :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Is this about encoder clicks not having a good “resolution”? Doesn’t the CMC QC work fine on its own? (With the provided .dll)

I could try and see for myself, but I don’t have the QC right now, I’ve given to it to my cousin.

I have not tried properly but ive disabled the QC via the GR and setup a MR template and the encoders behave erratic with trying to assign them to either the Plugin Qc’s or the Parameter banks , with the track Qc’s they work fine , so that tells me , my controller works fine but something is broken in the MR plugin QC’s BUT Steinberg discontinued support for the QC , non of the others , just the QC , now you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why . I have 2 controllers with faders , both work fine with Plugin Qc’s but that’s only a third of my control .
The Beat step , i use as a control room controller only , adjusting main/headphones and listen levels , but i can’t now , they jump and nearly blow your head off going from 0 to past 50% erratically , but as a controller as intended it works fine . You may sit there and say " well all mine work " , bully for you , these ones don’t and im waiting to update BUT , read my other post as to why i haven’t

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Very much this for me as well. Cubase clicks so well for me as far as the workflow and features go. I tried most other daws but nothing fits as well as Cubase, but this frustration is really getting to me.

Ddon’t let it , life’s short ,. keep making music , they’ll get round to it , i was just pointing out Steinberg staff would of made some noise by now if there was a hotfix on the way , so it’s just a waiting game , BTW the new Icon controllers look very very nice


I noticed monday rolled around again, just checking in on this topic.

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Sunday already? Started up Cubase this morning and got reminded about how my MIDI controllers can’t be set up properly, so figured I’d drop a line here. Now back to music and some coffee.

Anything updated yet?

Weekend time soon. Maybe something happening?

Not even a hello :frowning:

Not even a cricket.

Not even a short acknowledging reply to


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I have a funny feeling about the week coming :wink: