Steinberg - MIDI Remote Editor roadmap? Critical issues and bugs

I also have a funny feeling, but I’m not sure how, or what kind of fun it is yet.

Is the funny feeling for wednesday? It is very soon.

Wednesday might even be today! Maybe it’s the right day to violate the forum rules by repeatedly bumping this? :upside_down_face:

I don’t think keeping this discussion up is breaking any rules :slight_smile:
Also that was clearly the wrong wednesday huh? But hey it is weekend time now!
Who is making some midi remote editor setups this weekend?

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Weekend again? This increases the weekend counter to 13, and that can’t be good, hm?

:raised_hand: Would be even more fun with a roadmap or even some fixes out :tipping_hand_man:

Have a great weekend y’all!

Ahahahahahahahah!!! Exactly!!!

I do :slight_smile:

However, I have to say that it feels pretty strange to me that there is no info yet on this subject.


Yeah I agree, which is why I do try to keep this alive, even if understandably some people may feel it’s just a waste of time and space.

I consider this a critical problem with Cubase 12, and to me it feels alarming that there’s zero attention from Steinberg in a public way about it.


I would prefer to think that it’s not alarming, but the silence is not helping me to be positive as well.

Lets hope it comes down too "no news is good news "

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The dialog has been pretty good up until now, It makes you wonder if they’re deep into C13 and the door has been shut on C12 from a prime development perspective.

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Hard to say but i wouldn’t of thought anything would be released while WL Is on sale , i personally don’t think they have finished with C12 yet

@Jochen_Trappe said that some features at least ars planned for c12, loke support for touch-sensitive faders. But that was a long time ago, maybe this has changed.

Midi remote API already received a few updates since launch, at Steinberg always said this is just the beginning, they plan to improve it on the long run.

Personnally, i’d be pleased if an update could come before summer holidays, because my last production on 11 is about to end and i’ll be switching to 12 starting in september. I’d like to be able to improve my console before.

BUT, i’m also quite pleased with what i have on hand, using a frankenstein of Mackie Control, genreic remote and Midi Remote API.

Of course, i have the leisure of modifying my controller at will so i’m biased.



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Wholeheartedly agree. But I also remember thinking the same after other, previous releases.

100% agree

Ohhhhh , will the maintenance update be this week ?

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Well it is wednesday today isn’t it?

Hang on, did wednesday happen again already? I do believe so.
Crossing fingers for updates regarding this?

Maybe they´re back to .5 updates, so next november?

Well, Spectralayers 10 is being released soon , so it depends on IF Steinberg have sorted all the ARA issues out for SP10 to work with C12 as to whether we get the maintenance update before or after the release of SL10 ,we are getting close , max of two weeks i reckon