Steinberg: More siblings planned for version 6?

I know a few people that are looking for something to record on but they’re not experienced or interested enough to forget about the world and dive into Cubase full version. But a smaller version to wet their toes might work, so …

I see there is a Cubase Essentials 5 alongside Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 if you look at the presentation on the front of
It’s not gonna stay that way until Cubase 7?

Are there any other minor versions planned?


Is there going to be a Cubase Essential 6?
The full new Cubase 6 line-up will be presented during the year. We can’t reveal any further details now, please stand by for announcements.

Damn Steinberg! They have added the above since last time I read the FAQ! :imp:

Or something … :blush:

First no email notifications, then specially crafted versions of the FAQ that only you can see, making you seem silly to even newbies? :open_mouth: If I were you, I’d be afraid – very afraid! :smiley:

and this strange topic about an e-mail


What’s the price of Sonar?

Don’t fear the REAPER … :laughing:

Now with Cowbell 2.2.1 :laughing:

Write an e-mail to the Justin guy who started REAPER and suggest “Cowbell” as the name for a percussion module! :smiling_imp: