Steinberg MR816X

Hi - I know its late to be talking about the MR816X but better late than never! - Lol.

MR816X CSX - Has integration with Cubase - When did this begin? - Cubase 5? or maybe Cubase 6? - And when did it end?

I’m hoping it will work with Cubase 8.5 Pro 64? - Is this known to be good? - Any info helpful because I’ve found one of these and even though it’s firewire I don’t have a problem with this!!!

I don’t quite recall what the exact nature of the so called “Cubase integration” was, but I used an MR816X CSX as my primary audio interface until approximately Cubase 11 Pro. – It definitely was my primary interface during the time I ran Cubase 8.5 Pro.

p.s. Since I changed to my current audio interface some time ago, I’m using the MR816X CSX as a pre-amp and analog to ADAT converter to this day.

Hi - That is a good answer - It’s good to read this! - And also good that some interfaces can be used as standalone mic pre as well if someone wishes to use another interface. - Thanks for the input

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I’ve been using my MR 816 CSX reliably since 2014 from Cubase 7 through to 10.5 on Win 8.1 - 10. I have no reason to think it wont work on later versions. I’m pretty sure I’ve run it with Cubase 12 too. TBH the Cubase integration has never been a worry for me, just that FireWire is obsolete technology. That will ultimately be the killer for this hardware.

Hi - Are you on Intel Mac? or Windows? - Or both? - As long as you have a Windows or Mac machine to use the MR series you’ll be good to keep using it!!! - As long as the interface keeps working too!